Derwent has been recognized as the authority in patent information, using unique coding and indexing systems to ensure precise and relevant retrieval of patent data. Derwent and the Derwent World Patents Index represent the world’s most comprehensive collection of global patent data, and are used and trusted by more than 40 patent-issuing authorities.


  • Invention based records enable users to see worldwide protection for a single invention
  • Find inventions you would otherwise miss, allowing you to avoid costly errors and to make decisions with confidence
  • Accelerate review via enhanced titles written in English


Derwent suite of products

  • Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) Derwent World Patents Index is an intellectually enhanced patent database of more than 30.5 million inventions detailed in more than 65 million patent documents. Our subject-matter experts write English language titles and abstracts for each patent document. Editorial enhancement also includes correcting, analyzing, and manually indexing every patent record, enabling you to quickly find the information you need to make informed decisions.
    Derwent World Patents Index is available via Thomson Innovation and via partner providers STN, Proquest, and Questel.
  • Derwent Patent Citation Index (DPCI) Derwent Patent Citation Index® provides access to more than 128 million patent and 30 million literature citations found in more than 17.5 million patent families. In each update, our editors correct and index citations from about 50,000 documents from major patent-issuing authorities are added.
    Derwent Patent Citation Index is available via Thomson Innovation and partner providers STN and Proquest.
  • Derwent Chemistry Resource (DCR) Derwent Chemistry Resource offers specific compound structure searching and various other substance identification and indexing data of the chemical structures indexed from update 199916 forward within Derwent World Patents Index.
    Derwent Chemistry Resource is available via partner providers STN and Proquest.
  • Derwent Markush Resource The Derwent Markush Resource database enables customers to perform more comprehensive chemical patent searches, and is seamlessly integrated into the Thomson Reuters / Derwent patent and chemistry content on the new STN platform. The integration of Derwent Markush Resource into the new STN platform provides patent information professionals with a comprehensive view into the patentability of a chemical structure.
    Derwent Markush Resource is available via partner provider STN.
  • Derwent Innovations Index (DII) Derwent Innovations Index merges the value-added patent information from Derwent World Patents Index with the patent citation information from Derwent Patent Citation Index and allows you to do patent and citation searches of inventions in chemical, electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering You can use additional descriptive information and coding to quickly grasp a patent's significance and its relationship to other patents.
    Derwent Innovations Index is available on the Web of Science research platform.
  • GENESEQ GENESEQ™ is a global patent sequence database produced, containing DNA, RNA and protein sequences indexed from 52 worldwide patent-issuing authorities and as of March 04, 2016 there are 67,254,420 sequence records in GENESEQ, and its companion database GENESEQ FASTAlert, captured from269, 137 Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) basic patent publications. The database has an archive which dates back to 1981, and each record contains standardized terminology and bibliographic data, enhanced titles, English language abstracts, and manually-captured sequence information.
    GENESEQ is available via partner provider STN.

About Derwent

In 1951, research scientist Montagu Hyams began abstracting patent documents. By 1955 he launched the Belgium Patents Report which grew to 800 subscribers. In his own words:

“A research chemist by training, who became a patents manager almost by accident, I started abstracting in my spare time in 1951, then went full time at it. My vision was a publication giving informative summaries of British patents issuing each week. I wrote the summaries myself, working from documents in the British Patent Office. Back home at the house called Derwent; my handwritten abstracts were typed, duplicated and dispatched by a couple of part-timers. My costs were fairly low and as I was selling 300 subscriptions within a year…so that's how, by 1963 my company, Derwent, no longer so little, had amassed so much patents information from around the world. But it was all held in printed booklets, shelf after shelf of them….by customer demand, we created a retrieval system for our cumulated data about pharmaceuticals. That first initiative, Farmdoc, was then supplemented and consolidated into what became known as Derwent World Patents Index® in 1963."

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