Understand your true place in the global research landscape

With customized citation data and metrics, and multidimensional profiles on the leading research institutions and journals


Dive into an objective analysis that supports research evaluation and assessment, collaboration activities, and competitive analysis using the industry’s most trusted content, tools, and services. InCites™ is only solution that combines your unique internal data points with the objective, trusted information from Web of Science™, to deliver reliable metrics and indicators across research activities.

Robust visualization and reporting tools help you identify new trends, evaluate new and existing collaborations, and analyze performance. And your subscription includes Journal Citation Reports and Essential Science Indicators making it quick and easy for you to make decisions and report on results that help advance your organization.

Features & Benefits

  • Benchmark research output and impact
  • Identify collaborators and subject matter experts
  • Promote areas of strength and specializations
  • Demonstrate results and impact

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